Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Healthy and Smiling Planet

This is an article I wrote in appropedia in 2012 and later published as 39th essay in the collaborative book titled "The Future We Deserve; 100 essays about the future"

Hi friends, if the future environmental situations would force the world population to queue up for the daily ration of oxygen supply, floating over water and wearing heavy insulated suits, all prosperity would mean nothing but a curse. It will be the future we deserve, if we continue to harm our lovely planet – the most precious planet in the vicinity of science so far. Definitely, we do not want this nightmare to happen. Instead, we want a healthier and smiling planet - IT SHOULD BE THE FUTURE WE DESERVE. The enormous quality as well as quantity of knowledge, experience and wisdom acquired through the millions of years of existence in this planet make man deserve for it.

How can we make the planet healthier and more smiling? (the answer to it will also explain when it does smile). Well, I think, the greener the planet is, the healthier it would become. Similarly, the more peaceful it is, the more smiley it would become. This should be the future we deserve. At this, the next question arises - What should be the effective strategy that can take us to the future we deserve? It is nothing other than SIMPLICITY! Because, the root cause of most of the problems are man's struggles to own luxuries. Apart from environmental issues, it also causes unrest in our individual as well as social lives.

In the current world situations, our luxuries have much more serious and deep implications than the individual health issues. In the millions of years of history, man has overcome drastic changes in living environments by naturally adjusting himself with the changes. But today, the fortress of luxuries that we build recklessly around us has made the adaptation to natural changes quite impossible. Ironically, the luxuries that we build to create what we believe is a comfortable living environment, actually make the changes in the environment harder for us to adapt to. It is the real hurdle on our way to the deserved future.

Now the crucial question before us is "how are we going to advance towards our deserved future with the power of simplicity?" In my opinion, we needn't make big leaps. Small steps would be more effective. For example, we should decide today itself that we shall not use motor vehicles for travels below two k.m, as long as you are healthy and the weather is not too bad? We will be free to occasionally breach it for emergencies. As responsible individuals we may also ensure that authorities build and maintain safe walkways for people.

We may also:

  1. Keep away from consumerism and lead a simple life to the maximum extent possible. Stop fleeing after luxuries, it will save not only the PLANET but also our family budget and health. 
  2. Love agriculture and farming. Find sufficient time to work in the farm along with the family members and stay with them in the home. 
  3.  In agriculture, use environment friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers (a lot of environment friendly alternatives are available now). Research and develop more such alternatives and share them with the global community. 
  4.  Effectively use online technologies to avoid unnecessary travels. This can visibly reduce the threat of hydrocarbons. 
  5.  Research and develop open technologies to make cyber space more socially accountable. 
  6.  Use public transport systems for travel and help authorities to maintain reliable, safe and comfortable public transport systems. 
  7.  Develop and popularize alternative planet friendly open technologies in place of technologies that ruin the planet.
All these together will provide us a deserved future of living in a healthier and more smiling planet.

Friday, July 24, 2015

We are not alone

Man’s quest for finding out another inhabited planet and living beings in it is, perhaps, older than the evolution of any science. Nowadays, one of the hidden hope behind all space exploration missions is the possibility of finding out extraterrestrial life. Every space scientist cherishes this hope. All very rudimentary data with respect to the possibility of a congenial environment for life (in the past, present or future) that is being sent to home by satellites and rovers become big news – which indicates the interest of mankind in this topic. Later in this series of developments, NASA recently released information on the closest and the older cousin of the Earth. NASA’s Kepler mission has confirmed the first ‘near-Earth-size’ planet in the “habitable zone” around a sun-like star.

In these attempts, even the discovery of a microbe will be counted as a big progress. I also strongly believe that, we (the mankind) is not alone in this universe. But the problem is that most of our searches for the alien cousins are based on the kind of life and living environment we know. But my strong intuition is that if we explore the possibilities of lives and living environments that are strange to us, we may get an earlier victory.

It is based on the above intuition, I formed and presented a hypothesis of life in the form of pure energy and the aliens having invisible (in man’s eyes) bodies formed with condensed energy in the third volume of IMANOFUTU fiction series titled ‘the first Alien Home on Earth’. They survive by eating radiation. They communicate through radiation language, that is, by emitting and receiving radiation in a structured form. They live in a social order entirely created by their energy levels. They take birth when the energy of their environment reaches certain levels and combinations. They do not die, but being dissolved into the environment when their energy reaches certain lower levels. They have visited the Earth hundreds of times!